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Overlooking the other islands

“Tenerife Resort Chayofa” is a villa resort 3km above the tourist strongholds of Los Cristianos and Playa de las Americas. Most European immigrants have settled here. You are very close to the happenings in the tourist places but at the same time you have a quiet residential area with a lot of green landscape. Tourists also appreciate this, so the range of villas, apartments and holiday homes has constantly expanded. The place is very popular with insiders and is constantly growing.

In “Tenerife Holiday Resort Chayofa” you will find everything you need for everyday life. There is a supermarket, several restaurants and bars. The "Meson Finca La Chayofa" is particularly popular. Here you can sit under old plane trees and grill your own meat dishes at the table.

Above the town is the Adler Park or Jungle Park. The amusement park is worth seeing for the flight demonstrations of the large griffin birds. Some visitors are so enthusiastic and think the park is so beautiful that it is almost comparable to the well-known Loro Park in the north.

Chayofa Town Center

Chayofa central and ideally located

“Tenerife Resort Chayofa” borders the TF 28, a country road that leads to Arona. This is the place of municipal administration. The TF28 used to be the only connection to the capital, Santa Cruz. In the 1950's the journey from Santa Cruz or the north airport to Los Cristianos still took 5-6 hours by bus. Next to Chayofa is the small town of La Camella. This takes its name from the even earlier camel station. Here you could hire camels to bring your cargo to the capital. After another 2km you come to the town of La Florida. This is a small settlement and also popular with tourists.

Originally, “Tenerife Resort Chayofa” was an important agricultural business owned by a large landowning family that owned almost all of the lands of the municipality of Arona. Chayofa had fresh water and that was very important in the dry south of the island. The fishermen in Los Cristianos, which at that time consisted of only a few huts, had to fetch drinking water from Chayofa on foot. Those times are over now. Chayofa is well supplied with everything. Meanwhile, in the neighboring town of La Camella / Cabo Blanco, there is also a large supermarket "Mercadona" with a wide range of everything and especially a large meat and fish department.

View from Chayofa

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