General House Information Vistamar and Penthouse

General information for apartments “Vistamar 1,2,3" and Penthouse Vistamar.

Chayofa is approximately 280m above sea level and has a mild climate and healthy, dry air all year round. The place is particularly quiet and ideal for relaxation. Since mostly only guests who are looking for relaxation and peace live here, we ask you to respect this.

Restaurants on site

Restaurant “Meson Chyofa”. International cuisine, good grill specialties in a pleasant atmosphere. Another restaurant “Treehouse”, especially for English guests, is right next door and there is a bar with a small menu opposite.


A small supermarket is located directly below the “Golf & Country Club” at the entrance to the villa. It's not always open.

The Supermercado “Dialprix” is located in La Camella, directly at the entrance to the town on the left. Go around the second roundabout and go back and turn right before the first roundabout.

The supermarket is after approx. 30m on the right. A larger and recommended supermarket is “Mercadona” in Cabo Blanco. To do this, go down to the right at the 2nd roundabout in La Camella and keep going until you see a sign that says “Mercadona”. Here you turn left and after 50m you will see the supermarket on the left with a large underground car park.

Hot water

Since our guests need hot water at different times, for environmental reasons we have equipped the hot water supply with a circulation pump to save energy. When you press the switch (with the bell symbol) once, the pump starts. Have the staff show you where the counter is. Now wait about 2-3 minutes before opening the tap. Now you have hot water immediately. The pump switches off automatically. The water can be safely used for cooking. We recommend mineral water for drinking.

Washing machine

Please do not wash anything from the apartment yourself. No towels, bed linen or anything else. A washing machine is available for use every Thursday. Please report this to your landlord. You will then receive the key and pay the amount due. Each washing cycle costs €5 without washing powder. Laundry can be dried on the drying rack on the terrace. The dates should be agreed upon. The electric dryers are not available to guests.


Please collect your normal waste in plastic bags (from shopping) and throw the sealed bags into the bins at the waste shed (green doors) in the entrance area to our urbanization every day. This will help you avoid pests. Of course you can also separate your waste. The corresponding containers are located at the bottom of the tennis court. Separation only takes place for organic waste, paper and packaging, plastic waste and glass (not sorted by color).

Ants or vermin

Ants are the island's health police and if they find something to eat in your apartment, they will quickly become a nuisance. If it occurs more frequently, please contact us. We have products for rapid control.


The key gives you access to the arched door from the garden to the pool. Please store it carefully as it is a locking system. If you lose it, please report it!

We are not liable for valuables. If you wish, you can place valuables in our safe in a sealed envelope. Here too we cannot accept any liability.


There are 4 large and 4 small towels in each apartment. Please do not take these with you to the beach or wash them yourself. If the towels are dirty, give them to us to wash.


There is a second set in each bedroom. If necessary, put these on and give us the dirty one to wash. Please do not wash yourself!

Room cleaning

A cleaning service is available upon request. The hour is charged at €15. Otherwise, brooms and cleaning equipment are in the apartment or in the broom cupboard at the basement entrance.


Many of our guests are non-smokers or asthmatics. Therefore, you will certainly understand if we ask you to only smoke on the terrace. We thank you for your consideration.

Swimming pool

The pool is available for swimming during the following times: 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Next to the pool there is an outdoor shower and a changing room and we ask that you shower before using the pool. Please only fully open the left knob of the shower and wait until the water is warm. Now pull the button to shower. Please do not adjust the right temperature knob. Since the apartments are located below the pool, we ask you not to splash or play loud games in the pool so as not to disturb the other guests. Sun loungers are available on your private terrace.

In winter the pool can be heated to 24 degrees Celsius. This costs € 16,--/ Day  for the Apartment and € 20,--/ Day for the Penthouse.

Minimum booking for heating is one week.


If you have any questions, information or complaints, please do not hesitate to contact us.